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Star Wars Returns
Space based laser weaponThis powerful documentary reveals how the United States is moving to make space a new arena of war. It presents military documents declaring the U.S. intention to "control space" and from space "dominate" the world below. It exposes U.S. development programs now underway to produce space-based laser weapons. And, it shows how the George W. Bush administration and, especially, its Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is pushing ahead rapidly with Star Wars--that far more than "missile defense" is involved. It tells how, at the UN, because of the U.S. program for space warfare, a vote was recently held to reaffirm the Outer Space Treaty--the basic international law which sets aside space for "peaceful purposes." Some 163 nations voted yes. The U.S. abstained. Star Wars Returns explores the international opposition to Star Wars. It spotlights the strong challenge to Star Wars being made at the grassoots level worldwide by the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space. For a great deal more information, click here.


Update on the Cassini space probe fly-by
with 72 pounds of lethal plutonium on board. Leading experts discuss the risk to life on this planet as we know it! Click here for Press Release

Three Mile Island Revisited
TMI nuclear plantThis powerful documentary challenges the claims of the nuclear industry and government that “no one died” as a result of the core meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility in Pennsylvania.2-headed calf It utilizes the testimony of area residents and scientific findings to reveal that deaths, especially from cancer and birth defects in children, have been widespread since the 1979 accident. Indeed, it notes that Three Mile Island’s owner has been quietly settling numerous damage cases brought by persons seriously impacted by the accident.

Winner of the Worldfest Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival. Winner of the Director’s Citation, Black Maria Video and Film Festival. Chosen for screening at the 1993 Earth Peace International Film Festival.


Hot Dry Rock
An energy free lunch! Yes, Hot Rock Geothermal Energy can supply all the energy we’ll ever need, say scientists and environmentalists familiar with the technology. It taps the heat in the rock just below the ground. There is no environmental cost, no safety problems, no waste. And it works! This program explains how Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy functions - and why it’s not being fully developed.

Nukes In Space
Nukes In Space, the powerful, award-winning documentary, exposes the U.S. government’s push to deploy nuclear technology in space. This is being done despite the enormous danger, the huge expense, and a clear energy alternative: solar power. Nukes In Space reveals who and what is behind the move to nuclearize and weaponize space and the danger it represents to life. And it reports on the growing movement against this threat. (52:30 minutes) (Transcript available.)
Winner of the Worldfest Gold Award, Houston, International Film and Video Festival
First Prize Documentary Award at the 1995 Long Island Film Festival

“Nukes In Space is the only full length, in-depth documentary on the disastrous implications of the renewed effort to project nuclear weapons and nuclear power into space... Richly illustrated with archival and current footage, and expounded with urgency and clarity in interviews with leading experts. The tape is the best presentation yet of the case for strengthened treaties to keep nuclear power and nuclear weapons out of space.” War & Peace Digest


“Devastating indictment of the government's efforts to project nuclear weapons and nuclear power into space.” Economists Allied for Arms Reduction Newsletter

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EnviroVideo Lecture Series

Helen Caldicott Live
“It’s time we had a revolution,” declares Dr. Helen Caldicott, founder of the Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Take your country back!” In this videotape of a 1992 lecture, the gifted speaker, dedicated environmentalist and author of books including If You Love This Planet and Nuclear Madness, details the corporate and governmental forces which are destroying the earth. “The world is dying,” says Dr. Caldicott in this moving presentation. And she clearly and forcefully tells what must be done to stop this.

Dr. Ernest Sternglass Live
Fallout and Breast Cancer
For many years, Dr. Sternglass has consistently lifted the curtain of secrecy on the effects of low-level radiation - demonstrating that “safe doses” determined by the nuclear establishment are not safe. In this hard-hitting 1993 lecture, he outlines his most recent findings including the role fission products in the diet play in the breast cancer epidemic. Long Island and Connecticut are emphasized. Dr. Sternglass, a professor emeritus of radiological physics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, is the author of Secret Fallout: Low-Level Radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island.

Life, Death and the Nuclear Establishment
Environmental investigative reporter Karl Grossman, EnviroVideo’s program director and author of Cover-Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power and Power Crazy, details who and what is behind the new push to revive nuclear power. To demonstrate the lethal dangers of nuclear power, he uses U.S. government documents which project the number of people expected to be killed or left with cancer as a result of a core meltdown at each nuclear plant in the nation. He discusses the stance of the Clinton administration and discloses the role of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency in pushing nuclear power worldwide.


Dr. Jay M. Gould Live
Dr. Gould, co-author of Deadly Deceit: Low Level Radiation, High-Level Cover-Up and former member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board, uses government data (obtained under the Freedom of Information Act) to show that there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by the “routine” operation of nuclear plants. He also demonstrates that there are far more fatalities than those admitted resulting from Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and other accidents. Dr. Gould connects the release of radiation to the epidemic of breast cancer and breakdowns in the human immune system and related diseases, including AIDS.

Toxics and Human Health
David Ozonoff, M.D., M.P.H., professor of public health at Boston University School of Public Health, and Bev Paigen, R.N., present a common sense approach to the toxicology of human organ systems affected by toxic waste. They explain how extremely small amounts of toxic chemicals affect the reproductive, immune and nervous systems and can cause cancer in humans.

Dr. Helen Caldicott at the Ethical Culture Society
In this compelling 1994 presentation in New York City, co-sponsored by the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Dr. Caldicott stresses how and why the nuclear industry must be stopped - immediately.

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EnviroVideo Specials

The Reach of Chernobyl
Produced in Russia by top Russian video documentarians, The Reach of Chernobyl is a gripping account of the Chernobyl nuclear plant catastrophe. It reveals the full consequences of the disaster and provides a clear analysis of the intimate connection between civilian and military nuclear technology throughout the world.
Written by Dilbar Klado and Sergey Klado, The Reach of Chernobyl was directed by Alexander Sadkovoy. It won First Prize at the International Festival of Ecological Films in Minsk. EnviroVideo is proud to be distributing this classic, award-winning Russian video documentary.

Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko
The Truth about Chernobyl
Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko, the physicist in charge of the clean-up at the Chernobyl accident site - later expelled from Russia for revealing the true dimensions of the disaster - speaks out against nuclear power in this dramatic 45-minute interview with Karl Grossman. Chernousenko, author of Chernobyl: Insight from the Inside, says that the accident released 70% of the nuclear reactor’s core rather than the three percent figure announced to the world. He estimates that more than 15,000 people died in the former Soviet Union after the explosion and that up to a million more will perish there in the next five years from Chernobyl-caused maladies. He voices concern for people in other parts of the world who have also been affected by this first “truly international disaster.” Dr. Chernousenko was for decades a key figure in Soviet nuclear research and engineering. (Transcript available.)

10 Years of Triumph
- Turning the Tide -
During the past ten years, the Citizens Clearinghouse on Hazardous Waste has played a key role in reviving the environmental movement by focusing on the empowerment of people. In this three-part video special we hear from CCHW’s founder and executive director, Lois Gibbs, Ralph Nader, Martin Sheen, Paul Connett and members of Greenpeace and the National Toxics Campaign who discuss the struggles and achievements of the past 10 years, as well as the present and future challenges facing the grassroots environmental movement.
Includes a march on the EPA and a White House action demanding an end to the deadly toxic contamination of land, air, water and people.
Produced in three 29 minute segments on one videotape, this is an ideal program to run on public access cable TV.

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