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Enviro Close-Up is a half-hour interview show featuring in-depth discussions between Karl Grossman and leading figures in the environmental and social justice arenas. Program topics include new developments in safe and renewable energy, global warming, sustainable development, globalization, environmental racism, the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear proliferation, food irradiation, composting, and organic farming and gardening. Enviro Close-Up is produced by EnviroVideo in association with Green Sphere, Inc.

These 29 minute programs are ready for broadcast. We encourage you to take these tapes to your local cable company and ask that they be aired. EnviroVideo grants permission for their use on non-commercial cable TV without restrictions.

Michio KakuMichio Kaku: The Anti-Nuclear Nuclear Physicist
Dr. Kaku recounts how, from his humble beginnings in a Japanese-American family which was interned during World War II, he was brought into the field of nuclear physics by Dr. Edward Teller, the "father" of the hydrogen bomb. Teller wanted him to become a nuclear bomb-maker. But Dr. Kaku refused to enter the "dark side" of nuclear technology. Instead, he became a leading critic of atomic power for both military and civilian purposes, using his deep knowledge of physics to probe and explain what nuclear technology is really about. Dr. Kaku is an extraordinarily eloquent global spokesperson for peace.

Alice Stewart: Radiation Research Pioneer
Dr. Stewart, in the 1950s, performed the pivotal studies that found that children whose mothers received small amounts of radiation through X-rays--amounts not thought to be dangerous--had twice the risk of developing leukemia. She faced fierce attacks for this and other landmark research into the health impacts of radiation. Nevertheless, now in her 90s, Dr. Stewart goes on with her landmark work continuing to document the effects to health of "low-level" radioactivity.

Karl Z. Morgan: Founder of Health Physics
Dr. Morgan reviews a career that started with his developing the profession of health physics during World War II's Manhattan Project--his setting of standards for radiation exposure. Yet in recent times, charges Dr. Morgan, the health physics field has largely become prostituted under pressure of a nuclear establishment seeking to promote atomic technology despite the serious health consequences. This Enviro Close-Up was taped shortly before Dr. Morgan's death and represents a chilling, important farwell message from this important figure.

Michael Mariotte: The State of Nuclear Power Today
Videotaped at the Northeast Action Camp for a Nuclear-Free New England. Michael Mariotte provides a comprehensive picture of the world-wide nuclear power situation. He talks about his trip to Chernobyl and effective challenges to nuclear technology in Europe and the US.

Susan Pollack and Dick Russell are writers who have long reported on the commercial fishing industry.  In this Enviro Close-Up they tell of how over-fishing has damaged the industry and substantially limited the amount of fish available-and what can be done to deal with the exploitation of the seas.

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom
In this Enviro Close-Up, Betty Burkes, U.S. president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, tells of the work of the group.  Founded in 1915,  it has been working ever since to achieve world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice and an end to all forms of violence and “to establish those political, social and psychological conditions that can assure peace, freedom and justice.”

Watch 9 min. 34 sec. version!

Inform, headquartered in New York, evaluates and reports on environmental practices of business and government.  Dr. Nevin Cohen, director of research of Inform, tells in this Enviro Close-Up of how only 10% of the 70,000 chemicals used in U.S. industry have been sufficiently analyzed to know their effects on humans, yet these poisons are put into products that are in daily use.

Watch 6 min. 32 sec. version!

Atomic Veterans
Dr. Oscar Rosen, himself, became a victim of atomic weapons testing by the U.S. military, while a member of that military.  He is now publisher and editor of Atomic Veterans Radiation News.  The Salem, Massachusetts publication is a leading source of information in the world on the consequences of nuclear weapon testing.  In this Enviro Close-Up, Dr. Rosen provides a history of such testing, the impacts-and the many years of the military and government cover-up.

Driving on Hydrogen
The new hybrid engine using hydrogen manufactured by Arthur D. Little, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts is shown and how it was developed and works is explained by William L. Mitchell, senior program manager of the company's Hydrogen Technologies Unit.

The Nuclear Expansion in Asia and Australia
Dr. M.V. Ramana of the Defense and Arms Control Studies Program of MIT and Dr. Tilman A. Ruff of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War describe the new push to build atomic power plants in Asia and the expansion of uranium mining in Australia.
Watch 4 min. 43 sec. version!

Marshall Islands: On The Beach
Dr. Glenn Alcalay learned about the horrific impacts of U.S. nuclear weapons tests on the people of the Marshall Islands when he went there as a Peace Corps volunteer. He was outraged by what he saw: "A secretive human radiation experiment before my eyes." A professor of anthropology at the City University of New York, he has devoted his life to unearthing what the U.S. did to the Marshallese -- and demanding acknowledgement by the government and justice.
Watch 4 min. version!

Mitsuo Okamoto: A Voice For Peace
The intimate linkage between nuclear power and nuclear war -- and what must be done to create a nuclear-free world at peace -- is discussed by Dr. Mitsuo Okamoto of Hiroshima Shudo University.

Nuclear Issues
Harvey Wasserman, senior advisor to Greenpeace and author of books on atomic technology, details recent developments impacting on atomic power including "de-regulation" of the utility industry.

Watch 6 min. version!

Dr. Louis Slesin, editor and publisher of Microwave News, a pioneer in exposing the dangers of electromagnetic fields, points to the sources of EMF-- from power lines to electric blankets to cellular phones -- and describes the efforts by industry to downplay the effects of EMF and outlines past and current research.

Watch 10 minute version!

Lead Poisoning
Dr. Evelyn A. Mauss, a leading figure in the exploration of the dangers of lead poisoning, physiologist at New York University and consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council, explains how lead came to be widely used in various products -- from paint to plumbing --its toll in illness and death, and what must still be done to eliminate this threat to public health.

Watch 10 minute version!

The Heat Is On
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ross Gelbspan, author of The Heat Is On: The High Stakes Battle Over Earth's Threatened Climate, provides documentation on how global warming is real and increasing. He exposes the campaign by oil and coal interests, teamed with conservative politicians, to confuse the public on the issue.

Watch 10 minute version!

Who Owns the Sun?
John O'Connor who, with Daniel Berman, authored Who Owns the Sun? People Politics and the Struggle for a Solar Economy, presents the book's message that now existing solar technologies combined with local, democratic management can best provide for energy needs. Who Owns The Sun?, says Ralph Nader, "can reactivate the solar movement in America."

Watch 8 min. 38 sec. version!

Corporate Morality
Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, a leading green enterprise, discusses her environmental and social justice commitments and how she implements them through The Body Shop.

The Enemy Within
Dr. Jay M. Gould, author of The Enemy Within, The High Cost Of Living Near Nuclear Reactors, outlines its findings of a correlation between deadly diseases and proximity to nuclear reactors. Gould offers statistical evidence that residents of "nuclear counties" -- 1,321 U.S. counties within 100 miles of nuclear reactors -- suffer from a variety of illnesses, including breast cancer, disproportionately to others in the population.

Get A Life!
Wayne Roberts, Ph.D., co-author of the book Get A Life!, relates some of the "one hundred and one ways to tread lightly on Mother Earth, make bags of money, simplify your life, have a blast, keep fit and save your sanity while everything is crumbling all around you."

Cancer-Environment Connection
The close linkage between environmental pollution and cancer is discussed by biologist Dr. Sandra Steingraber and Ellen Crowley, both of the Women's Community Cancer Project of Cambridge/Boston. Dr. Steingraber is author of Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment.
Watch 10 minute version!

Save the Rain Forests
The critical importance of the rain forests -- the "lungs" of the earth --how they are being destroyed and what can be done to save them is discussed by Carey Buttfield of Crunchtime Environmental Educational Fundraisers and Ian Todreas of RoundUp for the Rainforest.

Government Accountability Project
Since its founding in l977, GAP has provided legal and advocacy assistance to more than 2,000 individuals who have blown the whistle on threats to public health, safety and the environment by government and corporations. The work of this Washington-based public interest organization in helping those who witness dangerous, illegal or environmentally unsound practices in their workplaces and communities and decide to become whistle-blowers is detailed by Louis Clarke, GAP's executive director, and Environmental Program Director Joanne Royce.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Dr. Gururaj Mutalik, executive director, and Dr. John Pastore, a board member, of the Nobel Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War speak of how the grouping of physicians from over 80 countries works to oppose nuclear weapons and nuclear war. They tell of their Abolition 2000 campaign, to get the world's government to agree by the year 2000 on a firm timetable for the elimination of nuclear arms. And they discuss IPPNW's new report, Crude Nuclear Weapons, Proliferation and the Terrorist Threat.

Ecology and Economics
Dr. Cutler Cleveland, director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at Boston University, elaborates on the confluence of ecology and economics. One of society's major challenges, he emphasizes, is to design technologies, policies and institutions that “move us in the direction of sustainability” -- that are in harmony with the ecosystems of the planet.

The Citizens Laboratory
The Citizens Environmental Laboratory is a non-profit, full service analytical lab offering water, air and soil testing -- and it's a model of how people can put the testing for toxic substances in their own hands. Owned and operated by the Jobs and Environment Campaign , the lab provides unbiased testing to the environmental grassroots movement and assists community and labor organizations investigate the presence of contaminants in their homes, workplace and community. With Dr. Fred Young, the lab's director, and Carole Allen of the Jobs & Environment Campaign.
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Noise In Our Skies
Attorney Patrick J. Russell who specializes in challenges to jet noise and Joe Fabio, spokesperson for Sane Aviation for Everyone which has been battling it in Queens, N.Y., tell of what people are doing all over the United States to lessen the roar of jets overhead. Russell cites medical evidence that jet noise is a public health hazard . He charges that the Federal Aviation Agency, because its role is to “promote” air transport, is engaged in a “charade of allegedly protecting the public” from the noise of aircraft operations. Russell offers a step-by-step plan for citizens to successfully fight jet noise.
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E The Environmental Magazine
Doug Moss, executive editor/publisher, and Jim Motavalli, editor, of this leading environmental journal discuss the founding of E The Environmental Magazine, some of the major issues it has covered, future articles and the state of environmental journalism today.
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