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Click here to read recent articles by our host Karl Grossman, including new on CounterPunch, "The Next Frontier: Trump and Space Weapons"

Karl writes for Common Dreams, CounterPunch, the Huffington Post, Enformable, Nation of Change, and many others.

A comprehensive article titled Getting to Know Karl Grossman by the Press Club of Long Island can be found here

Anther interesting talk with Karl Grossman by The Independent is here.

For more on Karl see our About page and visit his web site at KarlGrossman.com

Free Speech TV

EnviroVideo produces environmental and social justice programs for television - including interview and news shows, specials, and documentaries. The underlying premise of EnviroVideo is that there are critical environmental issues at hand that can best be communicated to large numbers of people through the media, most favored for news and information - television and now on-line.

When there is broad public awareness, pressing environmental matters can be dealt with and action taken to truly resolve them.

Our goal is to provide information people can use to make informed decisions and take positive action to create a sustainable future.

EnviroVideo's 30-minute TV interview series, Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman, is carried on Free Speech TV. FSTV reaches over 37 million homes across the nation on DISH Network (channel 9415), on DIRECTV (channel 348) and part-time on 177 cable affiliates in 40 states.

Visit Enviro Close-Up for a complete listing of our award winning programs or to watch them here online.

Deepwater Wind with Clint Plummer
Deepwater Wind is the leading offshore wind developer in the U.S. The company's innoovative Block Island Wind Farm, its placement now underway, will be the first offshore wind farm for the nation. It is to be followed by Deepwater ONE, also east of Long Island, providing power to Long Island and southern New England. And then Garden State Offshore Energy off New Jersey. Clint Plummer, vice president for development of Deepwater Wind, discusses how offshore wind -- an energy source well advanced in Europe, led by the U.K., Germany and Denmark, provides abundant, clean and cost-effective power. #625 View full program here

Center for Environmental Health with Ansje Miller
The Center for Environmental Health is the leading nonprofit organization in the U.S. protecting children and families from disease-causing chemicals in consumer products and in the air, water and food. CEH Eastern States Director Ansje Miller explains how every day Americans are exposed to hundreds of harmful chemicals without their knowledge and consent and how her organization works to change the way business does business -- and has had major successes. #624 View full program here

Wonders of Industrial Hemp with Linds Booker
Linda Booker, producer and director of the new award-winning documentary, "Bringing It Home," speaks about the numerous uses of industrial hemp -- including for clothing, food and beverages, paper, building materials -- and the federal prohibition on it being grown in the United States. This although it's legally grown in many countries and the U.S. imports it. She elaborates on the key message of the documentary that "hemp is hope." #621 View full program here!

WeAct for Environmental Justice
Cecil Corbin-Mark, deputy director of We Act for Environmental Justice, speaks on how hazardous waste facilities and other sources of toxic pollution have been routinely sited in minority communities in the United States. He tells of how his Harlem-based organization was started to challenge this form of racism -- and how it is in the forefront in New York City, and now nationally, in fighting for environmental justice. #620 View full program here!

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